3 February

Are you using these 5 email marketing must-haves?

If you’ve ever been in the position of researching and purchasing a new email platform, you understand how overwhelming the process can be. Or maybe you are not 100% happy with your current platform, but you are not sure where to start looking for a new one. (When I say “email platform,” I mean the […]

6 November

Should you use rotating banners on your website?

Rotating banners are an opportunity to show your user more information when they land on your website, right? Wrong. But how can I give them what I want them to know about our mission, programs and current events if I don’t have rotating banners? We get it – it is hard. It is more difficult […]

24 September

How To Make Sure Your End-of-Year Campaign Doesn’t Suck

Admittedly, end-of-year campaigns can be daunting and start to feel repetitive year after year. Does it feel like your campaigns are stale and un-engaging? Are you donors bored with the same messages? How can you make this year’s end-of-year campaign better than last year? Why are your donors not donating online? It doesn’t have to […]

27 August

5 Donation Pages We Love

Need some inspiration to improve your donation page? Here’s some: Currently, the national average completion rate for donation pages is only at 22%. That means that only 22% of the people who go to your donation page are actually completing the transaction. Depressing, right? Don’t worry, you can beat those stats, but you have to […]

5 May

Email, Website, and Online Giving – New Report Out!

Here at Achieve, we tend to geek out a little bit when new reports come out on fundraising, especially when they are analyzing technology and giving. Who ever said that data can’t be fun? We were excited to see the M+R Benchmarks 2014 report that came out last week and wanted to share with you […]

16 April

3 Tips for Building Your Organization’s Brand

What is your organization’s brand? Is it your logo? Is it your writing style? What does it take to have a strong brand and why is it important? These are some of the most challenging marketing questions that a nonprofit can face, and navigating brand identity can be a frustrating process. Creating and maintaining a […]

15 January

5 Tips for Increasing Giving by Changing Your Donation Page

Your donation page is arguably the most important part of your organization’s website. Without donations, your organization would not exist, right? Even though online giving still only represents a small percentage of total giving, the fact of the matter is people are giving online and online giving continues to grow year-after-year. More notably, 64% of […]

21 August

Three Traits of Millennial-Run Organizations

Guest blog post courtesy of Jeff Raderstrong I have been fortunate to spend a lot of time with millennial entrepreneurs. I myself lead a millennial-run organization, UnSectored, a community platform for re-thinking social change. Through my experience, and by observing the great work of my peers, I’ve noticed something inherent to the millennial generation that […]

24 June

Using Creatives to Inspire Millennials

MCON13 is a chance for Millennials to engage with their favorite nonprofit and organization thought leaders. Each week leading up to MCON13 the Achieve staff members will be sharing what speakers they are looking forward to.  Lara Brainer-Banker, Senior Designer Although we have a stellar list of speakers for MCON13, I am particularly excited about […]

7 January

What We Are Talking About

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