18 December

Reach Your Fundraising Goals By Embracing a Millennial Mindset

Several years ago, I was sitting in a fundraising meeting agonizing about our year-end mailer. The direct mail piece targeted our older, wealthy donors – and if we didn’t hit the lofty goal we’d set, we wouldn’t have enough time to recover. Needless to say, the pressure was intense, and I was really feeling it. […]

17 December

How to Improve Your Mediocre Fundraising Copy

This blog was originally posted by Achieve President Derrick Feldmann on December 16, 2014,  for Philanthropy News Digest’s PhilanTopic. For most of us, the month of December generally means two things: fundraising letters and holiday parties. Okay, maybe that’s just me. Still, end-of-year gifts and donations account for a substantial amount of the money raised by […]

12 November

Building Blocks Building Experiences

I had the chance to be an intern at Disney World in the fall of 2008. For anyone who’s ever spent any time at the “House of Mouse,” you’ve undoubtedly found yourself in awe at the world that has been imagined and created around you. A world that—in that moment—you are a part of. One […]

11 November

Indy Redefined Event Highlights Local & National Thought Leaders

Less than two weeks ago, Achieve partnered with our friends at Indy Hub to produce a first-of-its-kind event here in Indianapolis. Indy Redefined brought together local visionaries, idealists and creatives who are effectively transforming traditional industries and causes in their community. Beyond being an incredible relationship-building opportunity for folks in the Indy area, this event […]

6 November

Should you use rotating banners on your website?

Rotating banners are an opportunity to show your user more information when they land on your website, right? Wrong. But how can I give them what I want them to know about our mission, programs and current events if I don’t have rotating banners? We get it – it is hard. It is more difficult […]

8 October

On Millennials And Their Calling

What did your parents want to be when they grew up? Your grandparents? And maybe an even better question: Did they follow their dreams? One of the most highlighted differences between our generation (I’m a Millennial) and those before us is how we choose our careers. Our backgrounds are the root of our lack of understanding […]

29 September

Should Universities Fear Millennial Alumni?

  Last week, in partnership with The Chronicle of Philanthropy we released our latest Millennial research project. The Millennial Alumni Study revealed findings from almost a year’s worth of surveying Millennial alumni (born 1980-2000) from four-year institutions across the U.S. For schools, alumni departments and university foundations, this research is nothing short of eye opening. […]

26 September

Heading into end-of-year fundraising season? Here is what the research says:

Cultivate a positive relationship between your annual report disclosure your charitable giving tactics. What does this mean, exactly? Tell your donors and potential donors what you’re doing and how good you are at it. Annual reports, performance data and infographics should be attractive and easily accessible on your website.  According to the latest research, disclosing […]

24 September

How To Make Sure Your End-of-Year Campaign Doesn’t Suck

Admittedly, end-of-year campaigns can be daunting and start to feel repetitive year after year. Does it feel like your campaigns are stale and un-engaging? Are you donors bored with the same messages? How can you make this year’s end-of-year campaign better than last year? Why are your donors not donating online? It doesn’t have to […]

12 September

3 Things We Learned From This Year’s User Testing Videos

This year, as an important resource and add-on to the 2014 Millennial Impact Report, we’ve worked with Millennial employees across the country to conduct video-recording user tests. These tests allow the Millennial participant to browse communications, promotions, social media sites, websites and documents from a range of companies and voice their preferences on these materials. […]