21 July

MCON speakers reflect what’s truly new in cause work

by Derrick Feldmann Fresh off MCON14, many people ask me how we get so many great speakers and what’s our criteria for selecting them. The goal of MCON is to share ways that people within organizations are changing cultures, resources, relationships and movements that engage all kinds of causes and people so that others can […]

15 July

Nonprofit storytelling has a new definition

As a long-time nonprofit employee, I know how easy it is to become insulated from ideas and activities that don’t pertain directly to your own operations. Conferences are a great way to break out of that familiar box, so I went to MCON14 expecting to hear one or two things I’d never considered before. Boy, […]

10 June

Emily Yu sees unlimited potential in Millennial generation

Q&A with Emily Yu of the Case Foundation Thanks for talking with us today, Emily. Can you talk a little bit about what you do at the Case Foundation? My title is VP of marketing and partnerships, and I’ve been at the foundation for four years now. I’m lucky in that I get to work […]

9 June

Are Millennials the Answer to Partisanship?

Guest post by Steven Olikara Achieve asked me why, in an age when politics seems to be more partisan than ever before, I think the next generation can be collaborative and forward thinking. Like every generation, Millennials will view the world based on the values they were brought up with. Millennials have grown up in […]

3 June

We Can’t Ignore a Good Story

Guest post by Mo Scarpelli No one cares about issues. I mean, sure they care — on some level. Stats, reports and campaign slogans can shock, awe, make an impression. They can jar someone into awareness. But what makes us truly care? What makes us care enough that we can’t escape, that we are determined […]

29 May

The Best of Our Generation Started Early

Guest post by Michael McGee When you look at the tech titans of the past two generations (Jobs, Gates, Dorsey, Zuckerberg), what do they all have in common? They got their start when they were kids. They all have talked about how their parents gave them a computer when they were little, how they had […]

28 May

4 Myths Millennials Believe About Changing the World

Guest post by Kohl Crecelius We are young, we are passionate, and we want to live our lives with purpose. We desire to contribute in some positive way to bettering the world, and we refuse to wait. We want to make a big difference, and we want to do it now. We are Millennials. The […]

22 May

Meaningful imagery can communicate experience

Guest post by Heidi Jewell Quality imagery and consistency with smart branding are vital for any organization trying to tell a story visually. Visuals are a powerful tool for communicating what you do and should never be overlooked. In the fast-paced digital landscape, an instant connection through imagery is important and should make clear sense […]

15 May

MCON14: Three Paths to Personal Impact

By Diana Aviv, Independent Sector Passions are born of diverse impulses, experiences, and associations. My own burst into consciousness came about as a pre-teen after seeing how the racist policies of the South African government demeaned most of its people. It broke my heart and, as serendipity would have it, a group of my friends […]

13 May

MCON14: Gain an Edge with a Cause

By Kate Antonacci, Panera Bread At Panera Bread, we believe in the power of turning our core competencies against societal ills. When we first decided to address the issue of hunger in America through the development of a donation-based cafe model, there were many who told us that as a publicly traded company, it didn’t […]