12 September

3 Things We Learned From This Year’s User Testing Videos

This year, as an important resource and add-on to the 2014 Millennial Impact Report, we’ve worked with Millennial employees across the country to conduct video-recording user tests. These tests allow the Millennial participant to browse communications, promotions, social media sites, websites and documents from a range of companies and voice their preferences on these materials. […]

3 September

How our Tumblr experiment started a global conversation

“Tumblr is all about discovery.” (Internet Retailer) This summer, we embarked on a Tumblr discovery of our own. It began when we invited Liba Rubenstein, Tumblr’s director of strategy and outreach, to speak at MCON 2014, and she responded with an idea: Let’s partner in an experiment to promote this national conference using the Tumblr […]

27 August

5 Donation Pages We Love

Need some inspiration to improve your donation page? Here’s some: Currently, the national average completion rate for donation pages is only at 22%. That means that only 22% of the people who go to your donation page are actually completing the transaction. Depressing, right? Don’t worry, you can beat those stats, but you have to […]

19 August

Let’s Play with Soap!

I’ve got a pretty fun exercise for you. Google search “ads from the 1950s” and brush yourself up on the iconic advertisements that once graced the pages of magazines, periodicals, and outdoor boards of the time. Actually, I’ll save you some time: All you’ll find are really sexist ads, lots of Coca-Cola and tobacco-a-plenty. That quick […]

19 August

New Research Study on Millennial Alumni to Debut Next Month!

Universities and professionals, get ready for our latest research project. In addition to our ongoing Millennial Impact Research, we’re excited to begin discussions on our latest research endeavor, The Millennial Alumni Study. Achieve has partnered with The Chronicle of Philanthropy to study Millennial alumni  (born 1980-2000) of four-year universities, their attitudes and preferences for giving […]

14 August

MCON Exposure and Impressions

MCON 2014 touched many people beyond the in-person and online audiences. This infographic shows just how far and wide the interest in Millennial cause engagement reached.

13 August

Intern Integration

I have heard stories from people about their first internship experience. Usually depicting not-so-good scenarios, like how you are overworked, underpaid, and mainly just used as a gofer and assigned tedious tasks that no one in their right mind would ever want to do. Luckily… this was not my experience. During my internship at Achieve, […]

10 August

Affording and recognizing good research

by Melissa Wall In my graduate work in Philanthropic Studies and Nonprofit Management at IUPUI, we often discuss demands by today’s funders and donors for nonprofit accountability, transparency, performance, and return on investment. Most often, our discussions center on how and why nonprofits are failing or struggling to respond. Why are these seemingly reasonable requests […]

21 July

MCON speakers reflect what’s truly new in cause work

by Derrick Feldmann Fresh off MCON14, many people ask me how we get so many great speakers and what’s our criteria for selecting them. The goal of MCON is to share ways that people within organizations are changing cultures, resources, relationships and movements that engage all kinds of causes and people so that others can […]

15 July

Nonprofit storytelling has a new definition

As a long-time nonprofit employee, I know how easy it is to become insulated from ideas and activities that don’t pertain directly to your own operations. Conferences are a great way to break out of that familiar box, so I went to MCON14 expecting to hear one or two things I’d never considered before. Boy, […]