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From the Blog

22 January

Are You Still Trying to Date Your Donors?

You begin to grasp a lot about life in your 40s. American writer and journalist Pamela Druckerman has some great insights about what she’s learned in her middle years here and one of her observations really struck me: People are constantly trying to shape how you view them. In certain extreme cases, they seem to […]

16 January

Books, Like Life, Benefit From Repair

I once got so lost in a book that when my mother poured a teapot full of boiling water down her leg, I didn’t hear her screaming. It’s not just the stories I get into. I love books themselves – the feel of them, how they look and smell, what kind of mood they create […]

18 December

Reach Your Fundraising Goals By Embracing a Millennial Mindset

Several years ago, I was sitting in a fundraising meeting agonizing about our year-end mailer. The direct mail piece targeted our older, wealthy donors – and if we didn’t hit the lofty goal we’d set, we wouldn’t have enough time to recover. Needless to say, the pressure was intense, and I was really feeling it. […]